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How Your Landscape Helps You Manage Fear and Anxiety

The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting virtually everyone in different ways and degrees. One thing is for sure, though, anxiety and fear have increased across the board. Fortunately, there is a proven treatment that is as close as the nearest door to the outside. Current studies have shown that time outdoors helps people manage their fears, anxiety, and stress. This is especially valuable during this period of social isolation and shelter-in-place rules. In fact, it would be hard to overestimate the value of time spent outdoors. It is easy to being Gardening and Landscaping, plan to shape your garden the way you want it.

Gardening and Landscaping

Sunshine boosts Vitamin D production which helps our bodies function more efficiently while the simple act of being out in the natural world increases serotonin levels, promoting calm and reducing stress. As social distancing and isolation are beginning to wear on people, it’s heartening to see more and more of them heading outdoors for a variety of activities. On my drive home yesterday I saw people on bikes, playing lacrosse in a field, and cars parked in nature preserves. People are taking advantage of being outdoors and relaxing in ways that only happen when we’re not mired down by work and obligations. Walking down my street, I’m not only seeing kids playing outdoors but their parents outside as well. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for more information on how to sort out your Gardening and Landscaping.


In addition, a beautifully designed and managed landscape can help boost the restorative effects of nature. People will be eager to spend more time outdoors if they truly enjoy the landscape around them. However, some homeowners are afraid to spend money on their landscape right now because they might see it as an unnecessary discretionary expense. That fear can be compounded by the additional anxiety of not knowing how to manage that landscape themselves, adding to the fear that they’re wasting both time and money.


Gardening, in particular, can be a wonderful stimulant for the mind and body, reducing stress and improving physical conditioning. Gardening is a full-body workout, improving upper and lower body strength while helping keep your heart healthy and your joints and muscles supple as you dig, pull, and move about. There’s also the creativity it sparks to figure out what to plant and where while thinking about colour, texture, and combinations. Getting out in the garden is so beneficial, there’s even a recognised horticultural therapy practice designed to deliver specific therapeutic or rehabilitative benefits to individuals. 

Gardening and Lanscaping

Furthermore, horticultural therapists focus on maximising the patient’s physical and/or psychological functioning as well as enhancing their general health and well-being through horticultural activities centred on working with soil and plants. The self-control and self-regulation that it teaches are not just for prisoners – it works for anyone who wants to take more control of their life.

Remember, as gardeners and landscapers – professionals and enthusiasts – we’re all in this together. If you’re a home gardening enthusiast, don’t be afraid to connect with your local landscape professional for some assistance. Keep your Gardening and Landscaping needs in order. Rather than considering them as a scary, added expense at a time when everyone is pulling back, think of them as a valuable resource that can help you in two major ways:

  • Provide expert advice to manage your landscape and budget. As mentioned above, nature doesn’t take a break. Reach out to a trusted landscape professional and discuss ways you can partner to stay on top of your landscape. Ask if you can work alongside them and improve your own skills so you can better manage your budget while paying them to do the more critical work. Remember, social distancing is easy when you’re outside. Air, sun, good conversation, laughter, and a little stimulation for the mind and body are good for the soul right now.
  • Help protect your land value as an asset. If your property has become an overgrown mess, both its curb appeal and value drop. While you may be able to let it go for a little while, nature doesn’t rest and sun and rain will cause plants and weeds to grow and shrubs and trees to need pruning. Whatever you can’t handle yourself, get a professional to take care of it.

Remember, most landscape companies are small and often family-run – they need your support to earn a living and provide for their families. While many industries and businesses can work from home during the current pandemic, landscapers don’t have that luxury. If you’re worried about hiring outside help because you’re concerned about protecting your own family from the coronavirus, rest assured that responsible landscaping companies such as All Green Garden and Landscaping are proactively managing safety. For any garden Gardening and Landscaping needs, please contact us now!

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